Waqt Ki Awaz South Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Waqt Ki Awaz Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Release Date Confirmed: 

Waqt Ki Awaz Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download filmyzilla
Waqt Ki Awaz Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download filmyzilla 
Natural Star Nani's 2016 "Majnu" Telugu romantic-drama film is now all set to release in Hindi dubbed titled "Waqt Ki Awaz". Nani and Anu Emmanuel are among the lead roles of this film. The film was written and directed by Virinchi Varma. The film was well-received by critics and audiences at the box-office. Hindi viewers were also eagerly waiting for the Hindi dubbed version of Majnu and now the release date of the Hindi version of Majnu has been confirmed. The IMDb rating of the film is 6.5 out of 10.

The length of the Waqt Ki Awaz Hindi version is 137.11 minutes and it has got a 'U' certificate. Waqt Ki Awaz Hindi Dubbed full movie is scheduled to be released on January 10 at 12 noon only on Colors Cineplex. The film has been dubbed by Penn Movies, so we can watch Waqt Ki Awaz on YouTube of Penn Movies a few months after the television premiere. When the Waqt Ki Awaz film is released on YouTube, you can watch or download the film online on YouTube.

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Vinaya Vidheya Rama (VVR) Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Starring: Nani, Anu Emmanuel


The story revolves around Aditya (Nani) who works as an assistant director for the Bahubali crew. Who falls in love with Kiran (Anu Emanuel). He tries his best to woo her, Aditya answers in the form of a love letter and impresses Kiran. Both love between. When things start to heal, a small problem causes the couple to break up with each other.

Troubled Aditya arrives in Hyderabad. As time passes, one day, she sees Suma (Priya Sri) and gets attracted to her while trying to help Kasi. He starts liking Suma (Priya Shree) and Aditya tells Suma his sad love story. Impressed by this, Suma also went flat for Aditya.

The twist in the story comes when Aditya learns that Kiran is none other than Suma's cousin. How will he handle both his past and present? Who will he support? What will Aditya do now? You will have to watch this film to know this.


You all know how natural is Nani's acting. In the film, Nani has entertained the audience with a sense of humor, grief and authority as a lover boy.

Anu Emanuel's love scenes with Nani are shown quite fresh. Anu Emanuel makes a good start and looks very beautiful.

The climax of the film is well handled and shown in an interesting way that ends the film in a very happy place.

Nani gives a great performance in Majnu and is the major reason for everyone to watch this film. If you ignore the regular story, then Majnu this film will entertain you.