Bhoot Wali Film

Bhoot Wali Film

When it comes to a Bhoot wali film, our Bollywood gets to hear a lot of hard work.
Comedy is often done in Bollywood horror films, so people do not get scared but laugh loudly.

But today, I will tell you about the top 10 best Bhoot wali film (Bhoot wali movies)
that you will get excited by watching and you will be scared to sleep alone at night.

By the way, we give you a Warning that if your heart is weak, and if you have heart failure,
then it will be better if you do not watch these films.

Everyone loves to watch movies, many people like horror films. By the way, there are many horror films such as bhoot film video, bhoot returns,
bhoot yeh sard, bhootwala film hindi, wanted bhoot film, bhoot wala cartoon, gala kata bhoot and haunted movie. Today I will tell you about 10 best horror films.

Here is a list of Top 10 Bollywood horror films which are so scary that you cannot watch them alone.

10. Stree

The Stree film released in 2018 is the highest-grossing horror film of Bollywood,
the film has got a fun combination of comedy and fear.
People sitting in the theater get scared in one scene and laugh in another scene.
The story of the film is based on a woman named Witch who hates men,
the fact that the story of this film is based on the real incident who is Famous in Karnataka.

9. Pizza

The storyline of the film Pizza released in 2014 is nothing special,
But in the film, the concept of ghosts has been shown in the film,
which can be manipulated by seeing. The story of the film is written over a pizza delivery boy who falls into an unknown house with a few boots. Booths of very scary faces were seen in the film and Khetarnak Background Music was put on.

8. Tumbbad

Tumbbad film released in 2016 is the best horror film,
though the film has more mythology and thriller concept.
The story of this film tells about the Hindu god-gods and the greed of humans,
the film depicts a demon who acts to scare people. In the film,
characters are shown in a very good way, which creates fear in your heart.

7. Pari

Fresh story with love relationship between ghost and human was seen in Pari film released in 2018.
In this film, many people gave good and bad revives, who saw the film with a presence and mind, they found the film good.
The film has shown a real-life story from superstition to Bangla Desh.
In which the nature of human sacrifice has been shown.

6. Darna Mana Hai

Bollywood's Darna Mana Hai film was released in 2003 and saw a lot of people.
In the film, the story of different 6 ghosts had appeared as if after seeing it, normally human hair would stand up.
The theme of the film can make you feel like a child.
In the film, ghosts used to lift people to haunt the graveyard and time pass, and later die.

5: Raaz

The horror film Raaz released in 2002 gave a new identity to Bollywood films and people had a chance to feel true fear for the first time.
The story of the film is a love story in which the horror has been planted, the story has a boy, a girl and a ghost who acts as a villain in love.
Bipasha did a lot of good acting in the film.
There was a lot of scary music and location in the film that everyone would be scared to see.

4: 1920

Released in 2008, 1920, this is a Bollywood film whose heaters will not get you anywhere.
For those who like to watch films of ghosts, the 1920 film is like a surprise.
The story of the film is about a house that is famous for killing people. In such a big way, engineers come to break the house, whose life becomes hell after a few days.
The horrific scenes in the film were copied from the Hollywood film.

3: Bhoot

The film Bhoot, released in 2003, is a psychological thriller. Which will make you think that there are really ghosts in the world.
People who die and they go away from the world or their soul works for revenge from the people.
The storyline of the film is more disturb which keeps your brain squeezed all the way.
Swati and Vishal shift to a house in which a girl gave her life. Souls take possession of Swati.
In the film, Nana Patekar and Rekha played quite a good role, seeing that people's eyes closed with fear.

2: The House Next Door

Released in 2017, The House Next Door film is a perfect ghostly film in which you get to see the powerful story as well as some cauldron special effects that can compete with big Hollywood films.
The film becomes innovative with its theme based on the Chinese story.
You can understand the name of the film, its story is about a neighbor's house. The one who has possession of ghosts. After watching this film, the respect of Indian films will increase in your mind.

1: 13b

Released in 2013, 13B is a unique film feel.
The concept of this film is different. Manohar watches TV shows in his house, in which he sees his family's future. The film fills your mind from beginning to end.
After watching this film, you will never buy house number 13.

So, friends, this was: 10 Hindi films which have scared me a lot.